business law 


Never before has business been as dynamic or competitive as it is today. New market entrants from home and abroad are challenging established players. New business models are forcing companies to re-think the way they operate. A precarious world economy, still reeling from the most recent downturn, is making it difficult to plan for the long-term.

Combine these factors with an ever-evolving regulatory framework, and today's smart enterprises recognize the need for a steady legal hand—one that is experienced but versatile, and determined but flexible. They need a partner that understands their industry and how to minimize risk while maximizing shareholder value.

Jean Claude, LLP's Business Law Group provides practical advice to a wide range of businesses in Belgium and internationally. We assist clients in setting up corporate structures that will enable them to achieve their business objectives securely and with minimum liability. We draft agreements to ensure that our clients' relationships with suppliers, distributors, customers and licensees are clear and enforceable. And we ensure that our clients' most important business assets, such as intellectual property, are protected through appropriate agreements with employees, contractors and licensees.

In addition to our strong transactional mergers and acquisitions practice, we focus on supporting our clients with timely, practical and accessible advice concerning the day-to-day matters affecting their businesses. Our Business Law Group delivers comprehensive and fully integrated business law services including ongoing corporate and commercial advice to Belgian and international clients across a diverse range of industries.